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From Field to Fork: Chew Magna Community Farm project

Growing, picking, tasting and cooking at Chew Magna Community Farm

In 2023, East Harptree School PTA successfully applied for a grant of £2000 from the Mendip Hills Fund. Fox Class (Yr 1 and Yr2) forged strong links with The Community Farm in Chew Magna, over-looking Chew Valley Lake. The aim of the project was to reconnect the children, parents, families and staff at East Harptree Primary School to food, farming and the natural world through a practical, hands-on, outdoor learning approach.

Over the course of four days spread between the Spring and Autumn of 2023, the children were able to learn about the food grown in the local area, how it grows and why it is important to eat locally. They were also able to try and taste a variety of fruit and vegetables which they could pick themselves and may not have had access to or the inclination to try at home.  For example, many of the children enjoyed picking tomatoes, green beans, rocket and squash. As well as trying the food, they were also able to cook with the vegetables they had picked, including making spring rolls and filo pastry parcels, creating seasonal and nutritious recipes. The teacher incorporated this into the Design and Technology curriculum, creating more different recipes with local vegetables.

One child said “The best bit of the trip was picking the cherry tomatoes. They were delicious”.


A parent helper commented “I can’t believe my child has just eaten a spring roll with squash and kale – he’d never eat that at home if I gave it to him! It’s fantastic!”

During the local sessions the children were able to explore their local area paying attention to things that they may not have noticed previously. They were looking closely how we can notice which animals live in the local area and how we can look after them. They also had a chance to appreciate the calmness and beauty of the nature around them and why it's so important that we protect it.